Definition of Proposal

Organizational people are certainly familiar with proposals, especially if they are going to hold an event, of course many proposals are made to find several sponsors, and this is only a small example. So before that, did you know that you don’t understand and even write the right proposal?

Are you looking for a proposal reference with the right writing? Coincidentally, this time the author shared an article regarding the definition of a proposal in general, the definition of a proposal according to experts, the function of the proposal, the purpose of the proposal, the characteristics of the proposal, the benefits of the proposal, the types of proposals, types of proposals based on their form, the elements of the proposal, and systematic writing. Proposal¸ Proposal Language Rules, Proposal Structure. Regarding the subtitles already mentioned, the following is a description.

A proposal is a plan made for an activity that will be implemented in the future in the form of writing a work with systematic, detailed and detailed, the proposal is made with the aim of obtaining approval from other parties, in addition the proposal is also often used as a request for funds and cooperation. .

Definition of Proposal According to Experts

The above has explained the meaning of the proposal as a whole, so below will describe the meaning of the proposal based on the opinions of experts.

According to Jay
The proposal is a tool that functions to regulate the management system so that it runs systematically.

According to Hadi
a proposal is a proposal that is structured as an agenda for cooperation in business that will be established between institutions or companies, this proposal is made in detail and detail.

According to Rieefky
A proposal is an activity plan that is prepared as a formal tool to hold an activity.

Proposal Function

Below is the general function of the proposal consisting of several points, including:

  • As a condition of conducting research, such as on social, cultural and customary activities, and the economy.
  • As a tool to set up a business.
  • Serves as a condition for submitting a tender to an institution.
  • Serves to hold a certain event.

Proposal Purpose

The aims of the proposal are:

  • Aims to get additional or financial assistance.
  • Aims to seek support from various parties.
  • Aims to get a permit.

Features of the proposal

There are several basic characteristics of the preparation of the proposal, as follows:

  1. To summarize an activity.
  2. Arranged briefly to make it easier for the recipient to understand the contents of the proposal.
  3. Notification will be carried out an activity.
  4. The contents include the background of the event.
  5. Made a month before the event is held.
  6. There are parties who submit and accept applications.

Proposal Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of the proposal:

  • Director of activities so that it runs smoothly according to plan.
  • Simplify the explanation of the event plan.
  • As capital to convince donors.

Types of Proposals

The following will describe several types of proposals, including:

Business proposal

Is a type of proposal in the business field, to build a business and establish cooperation.

Project Proposal

It is a proposal to undertake a work (project) of a commercial nature, such as the construction of an office.

Research proposal

That is a proposal that is usually used to complete a final project or thesis, this proposal relates to final semester students.

Activity Proposal

This proposal is generally used to carry out the activities of a celebration or a competition.

So that’s the description of the discussion regarding the Definition of a Proposal, hopefully with this description in the future it is hoped that it will produce a proposal that is appropriate and easily accepted by the recipient. That’s all for the article guys, see you next time.