Make a good and correct job resume to apply for jobs

Before applying for a job, of course, you must complete every requirement submitted by the company. Some of these requirements include a resume or what is commonly referred to as a job application letter. Making this resume is very important because from the resume the company will assess whether you are worthy of acceptance or not.

There may be a lot of people out there who are applying for jobs but most of them don’t know how to write a resume properly. Finally, many people are rejected because they cannot make a resume or their resume is not well received by the company. It is unfortunate if someone who is very qualified in a field is not accepted by a company because he failed to make a resume.

A person’s hope when applying for a job is to be immediately accepted for work, therefore one must fulfill one of the requirements, namely making a resume. There are some tips or steps to make the right resume. This needs to be done so that those of you who want to apply for jobs do not experience failure. Here’s how to make a good and correct job resume to apply for jobs.

So that the results of the resume that you create meet the company’s criteria, the first thing you should do is self-analysis, this is done because someone does not necessarily know well their own abilities, weaknesses, or strengths. For this reason, it is necessary to examine in depth what your interests and talents are, and what your abilities or skills are in that regard.

The second tip is career analysis (Career Analysis). After you know clearly and definitely about the potential and skills you have, you need to do an analysis related to your career in the future. Do not be wrong in determining a career because it will have very fatal consequences for the future if it is not immediately addressed.

The last thing you need to do is Job Analysis (Job Analysis) is also needed in writing a good resume. You must have insight or description of jobs in various fields because each type of work has different activities and environments. Take a suitable job to support your future career.

How to write a resume for job good and correct

How to write a resume for job

Resume Requirements are Good and Correct
As explained earlier, a good resume is one that meets company standards or at least is adapted to a typical resume example. The general requirements for a good resume are actually the same as writing an application letter as usual. Here are some requirements for making a resume:

Resume should be made or printed on clean and good quality paper, no scribbles, and the selected font is also good and easy to read. Paragraphs should be neatly arranged so that they are easy to read. This neatness is the main key in making any letter.

The language used in the resume should be simple, clear and concise. The format of the resume must also be made so that it is easy to read. Resume does not require a design that is too much with just enough decoration to make it more attractive to look at.

In a resume, the information presented must be accurate and verifiable. If the information presented in the resume is not accurate, the consequences will be very fatal because HRD will really check the accuracy. Checking can be done by asking you directly if you fail to answer and provide evidence that you are in danger of not being accepted by the company.

The information presented in the resume is a nonsensical fact. For example, honesty in stating age, marital status and educational background. Every job done must prioritize honesty.

format for writing a resume

In general, the format for writing a resume is the same, there is no significant difference. This format must be written in order and correctly. If it is reversed or there is one part that is not listed this will reduce your chances of getting hired. Below are some resume writing formats.

  • Date and Place of Writing
  • Company Name and Full Company Address
  • Greetings / Best Regards
  • Write a Good Introduction
  • Complete Your Biodata
  • Include your work experience or expertise
  • Closing and greetings

Example of a Good and Correct Resume

These few examples will give you an idea of ​​how to write a proper job application letter or resume. Customize yourself with your personal data. This is an example of a good and correct resume writing.

Mumbai, 20 July 2021

(The company name will you go)

Yours faithfully,
(write a good greeting according to custom, religion or greetings in general)

I, the undersigned below :

Name : Kakar  Konda
Place & Date of Birth : Mumbai, June 5, 1996
Street : 50-7-19, Pathergatti
City : Hyderabad
State/Province/Oblast : Andhra Pradesh
Phone Number : +12345678

Hereby submit a job application letter to Mr. / Ms. Leadership to be accepted as an employee in the company that Mr. / Mrs. Leads. For your consideration, I attach the following:

Attach any requirements submitted by the company or where you apply for work

Personal data
Curriculum Vitae
Identity card

Thus, to check it out, I really hope to be accepted in this company. I thank you for your attention and granting this request.

Conclusion and Closing
Those are some examples of job application letters that you can follow. Make a good and correct job application letter according to the provisions. The thing you need to remember is, an interesting application letter other than according to the provisions, will be the choice that many choose or favorite. But the important thing that should not be missed is that you can decorate the job application letter, but there should not be too many decorations that confuse the reader.

An attractive cover letter will provide a greater opportunity to get attention for the leaders of job seeking companies or at least employees assigned by the company to find new employees such as Managers and HRD. If you can show your abilities and talents directly in front of HRD, then your chance to be accepted is very big. Don’t forget to keep your attitude to yourself.

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