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The best way to introduce yourself to others. In this case, the person referred to as a potential life partner. Therefore, this method is recommended for young people to find a life partner. by exchanging biodata. especially for you guys. You have to make a good and detailed bio so that your potential life partner is interested in the bio you have created.

how to make Marriage biodata format for boy properly and correctly

In making a marriage biodata for boys, there are important parts that must be considered. What part is meant? Here’s the complete information.

As previously stated, you must make a complete and detailed CV. Not only that, it takes honesty in making a CV. This is important, so that there is no excessive writing in the CV that is made. Because if it is made excessively, of course it will not be objective and will only cause problems in marriage.

Another part that must be considered is the grammar used. In making marriage biodata, it is recommended to make marriage biodata that is easily understood by readers. Make good grammar and formal, like making a curriculum vitae. If you have trouble, you can make it by copying the marriage biodata that is already widely available in various places. or you can download it here.

Brief, Solid & Clear
A good marriage biodata is a concise, brief but clear biodata. Biodata that is not too long is important so that readers do not get bored to read every page. In addition, a brief and clear Biodata is needed so that there are no errors in reading. If an error occurs, of course it will be very unfortunate, because the information is not conveyed clearly.

7 Important Information in Biodata Marriage For Boys, Mandatory There!

The first part of a marriage bio and a must-have is a profile. In this section, your data needs to be submitted in full. Some of the data referred to are full names, telephone numbers, places of residence, places of work to marital status and caste. This section must be filled out clearly, so that the potential female partner can fully understand the situation.

Physical Description
After entering the related data, in the next section it is necessary to enter data related to the physical picture. Physical appearance is the formation or characteristics that exist in the body. For example, skin color, hair type, weight and height, eye color, characteristics or birthmarks, to physical disabilities.

Educational Background
Those of you who intend to make a marriage bio, must include your background. In this section, education data that needs to be included is for the last 10 years.

Personal overview
In this section, will be explained about the personality possessed. In this section it is necessary to include several things, including motto, life goals, hobbies, negative and positive traits, appreciation and likes. Through some of this information, it can be determined whether you are right to be a candidate’s companion or vice versa.

Wedding preparations
For those of you who are ready to get married, of course, it takes some preparation in advance. In this case it takes financial preparation, wedding preparation time to various other things related to marriage. If you do have knowledge about marriage, this section also needs to be included, so that the potential partner remains confident to make himself a good wife.

Couple Criteria
In this section, it is necessary to explain the criteria for a potential partner to become a candidate for a partner. In this case, the desired potential partner with physical criteria. Some of them have explanations about skin color, physical disability, eye color, hair color and other characteristics. From here the candidate can understand whether he is worthy or otherwise.

Finally, it is an explanation of the hopes that are held for an ongoing marriage. Some of the important parts in it are the source of the wedding funds, the description of the wedding event, short-term and long-term targets and other parts. Do not forget to also tell about whether the wife is allowed to work or vice versa.

Profile details

Full name:

Work place:

Phone number

Home address:


Place and date of birth :

Marital status:



Physical Description

Physical form:

Skin color:

Hair Type:

Hair color:

Eye color:

Physical disability: yes/no



Favorite Sport:

Illness History:

Educational Background

Write down your education in the last 10 years

Personal overview




Free time activities:

Positive traits:

Negative traits:

Smoke: Yes/no

Companion Criteria

Physical form:

Skin color:

Hair Type:

Hair color:

Eye color:

Physical disability:



Disease History:

Characteristics / Birthmarks:





Marital status:



that’s a marriage biodata format for boys that you can copy. what if you want to download a biodata format in pdf and word form. below we have included some simple biodata designs to download for free. You can re-edit if there are unnecessary formatting or unnecessary words.

what you get when you download is a biodata doc file. and you can redesign it in any version of MS Word. but there may be a bit of a messy layout, but don’t worry you can easily fix it.

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